Winning a Lucky Draw Competition in the UK? Tips to Win the Jackpot

Do you want to become a millionaire thanks to the lucky draw competition? We tell you how to do it! Well, it is not a magic recipe! However, it is possible to increase your chances of winning by following a few tips. You have a 100% chance of winning the jackpot by playing the potential lucky draw competition in the UK. That’s it!

Key points on how to win a lucky draw competition

Suffice it to say; you will need a lot of luck to win the prize. And even if you play all the possible grids, the money won will likely be less than your investment, especially if there are multiple big winners.


A little chance to win

Statistically, a player has a 1 in 19 million chance of winning the jackpot. It is very little, but you will see that you can increase your chances of winning.


The biggest winner

The biggest lottery winner pocketed a whopping € 24 million in 2011. Suffice it to say, and he doesn’t get up in the morning to go to work with this sum!


Statistics are not useful.

All balls have the same pattern frequencies. Even if they give you statistics on the numbers that come up the most often, it won’t help you because the lucky draw competition is a game of pure chance. Believe us, and all the stats are used for nothing! Thousands of players will tell you that it is impossible to play smart without studying statistics. Please don’t listen to them, and don’t waste your time.


Tips to increase your chances of winning the lottery


1. Don’t worry about the statistics:

As we shared before, all balls have the same chance of being drawn. In thousands of impressions, the # 1 ball comes out as often as the # 49 or # 22. Convince yourself that just because the number 22 has not come out for 5 draws does mean that it will lead the next draw. Lotto is not an exact science. We advise you to choose your numbers at random. Do not think about it and mark the numbers you like. Even better, some sites give you random numbers and tokens to choose and play as per your wish.


2. Don’t play dates of birth

90% of the players choose their numbers based on the dates of birth. They choose the number of the day, the month, and the year. It is common to find grids like 10, 2, 46, 5, 11, 44 for February 10, 1946 or November 5, 1944. Of course, you can win by playing dates of birth, but you are probably not the only winner even with the 5 correct numbers. If there are 10 winners, it will divide the promised amount in rank 1 by 10.


3. Play number sequences

Players choose birth dates, but they also usually bet a fixed number of times ten. If you play frequently, we bet you select a grid-like 2, 14, 25, 36, 44, or 8, 19, 23, 34, 41. Picking a number and multiplying it by ten is not very wise because thousands of players will too. And again, you probably won’t be alone in Rank 1. The series of numbers does not increase your chances of winning the prize pool, but your chances of being only in Rank 1.


4. Choose your lucky days

When we talk about lucky days, we think of Friday the 13th and the super prizes. On these special days, the number of players explodes. This is true, and you are less likely to hit the jackpot. But don’t forget that on Friday the 13th, there are big jackpots up for grabs with winnings sometimes 10 times compared to regular draws. Often, the only winner in Rank 1 on Friday the 13th wins several million dollars!


Now you have the tips. Good luck!

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