Watch your luck unfold before your eyes!

What time than the present to try your luck and venture into the world of live draws brought to you by Lucky Draw Competition. If you have always wanted a chance to win amazing prizes at crazy low prices, then playing the lottery is right up your alley. It’s not only fun, but its better than thinking that the recent lottery winner could have been you.

But this time it would be you!

We believe that everyone merits a fighting chance at living their best life and want to be your ticket (pardon the pun!) to achieve that. A portion of our generated income goes to a charity, which makes you a winner even if you lose.

Live draws in the UK can change your life.

The lottery game is played while keeping the human psyche in mind. As humans, we are suckers for a happy ending and want to believe that we are destined for the one we desire. Well, the lottery is a short-cut to all that and more. Keeping the hope alive plays significantly into your chances of winning since that will positively impact the outcome. Participating in live draws enables you to watch the future unfold itself and advance the transformation to a different life altogether.

Live draws promote transparency, which Lucky Draw Competition is a stickler for. Not only will you be aware of the total number of tickets bought, but you can watch it all happen in real-time. Do you remember how it felt when the numbers were announced on TV, and everyone had their ticket in hand? The tension was palpable. This is your chance to experience the same rush with just a click.

Become a part of live draws with Lucky Draw Competition.

You can choose from the many prizes we offer and pick one of your likings. The next step is to pick a number from the grid, which will be saved in your account and emailed to you for safekeeping. The last step is answering the multiple-choice question correctly and hold on to your seat till the time of the live draw.

If you’re the winner (fingers crossed!), then you will be contacted, and the prize will be delivered to your doorstep.

Let Lucky Draw Competition be your first!

When you choose us to be your first, you are entirely safe with the UK’s most credible and legit gaming platform. We transpire to bring dreams to reality through cash and other prizes. Transparency is our middle name, which you can be aware of at every step of the way. We have various price options so that you can select without burdening your wallet. Dive into our live draws in the UK and let luck take over.

Win amazing prizes


With Lucky Draw Competition, you can win a share of pounds every week. Turn your luxurious dream into a reality, and change your destiny by trying out your luck.
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