Strategise Your Game Play to Win Crazy Prizes

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Playing lucky draw online is easier these days thanks to the internet and online portals. With assessing people around the world globally with a single device, these portals have removed the existence of lotto counters from the face of the earth.

Admitting while being all fun, participating in such lucky draws can offer you an early retirement. Each player creates a strategy to increase their winning chances. Even when the numbers are being randomly drawn, they can create a pattern that can be tracked over time. With some experience and tips from us, maybe your early retirement plan can be finally set into action.

Purchase More Lines

An obvious starting point but not the only solution. Purchasing more tickets can easily increase your chances to win crazy prizes. With one ticket, your odds would be one in hundreds or even thousands. When you buy another ticket, the odds immediately drops to half. It is a common strategy and almost followed by everyone around. The only drawback is that if you pick a number shared with someone else, you would need to share the prize with them.

The Mixture of Odd-Even Numbers

When buying multiple tickets, ensure that your numbers are a mixture of equal odd and even numbers. All the odd or even numbers are rarely drawn. Mixing things up will give you a better ground to stand on. The recommended mix is generally 2/3 or 3/2, two odds and three evens or three odds and two evens.

Choose Random Numbers

When going with random numbers, it is less likely that someone must have picked the exact same number as you. The most obvious advantage would be that if you win a jackpot, you can keep it all to yourself. In contrast, a random set of numbers is just as likely to be drawn as a familiar pattern. Most people go with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, so not going with such numbers will increase your chances compared to the others.


Notice The Pattern

While the numbers are generated randomly, you can analyse them to find if there is any pattern followed. Sometimes, people use a number from the previous drawing set. It might be advertised to the audience officially, but you can always investigate to look for clues.

You could also go the other way around and check which numbers have been majorly missing for years and try to stay away from them.

Ticket Pooling

Share the cost of tickets with others can increase your budget and increase your chances to win cash prizes. Stretching your budget can even allow you to play for bigger prizes or buy more tickets. But before doing anything permanent, get everything in writing. Make an agreement and ask everyone to sign it before making any purchase.

Use Others’ Luck

When pooling, there are different perspectives and strategies on the table. All of your luck gets aggregated, and you could end up scoring a jackpot due to a single person’s luck. When picking partners, avoid people that might bring negativity to the group –as you want to enhance your luck and not dilute it. Even if they are not that unlucky, they can ruin the enthusiasm with their constant negative and drain energy from the group. Before getting them on board, simply ask them, “Do you think you are lucky enough?” People usually admit that they are not as lucky as you might think.

Analyse The Number Groups

Analyse the list of past drawn number sets to find any missing number groups. Usually, there are always groups missing. With this info, you can easily identify the pattern and pick numbers accordingly. For instance, in the set of 5-10-48-18-35, there are no 20’s. Analysing the number of groups can help you decide which number groups to omit and which to pick.


While it all depends on our luck, hence the name “Lucky Draw,” you can always look out for patterns and info to help you plan your next strategy. Buying tickets can be a great way to earn cash prizes, but one wrong move and you can lose everything as well.

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