List of Best Prizes for Online Lucky Draw Competition

The popularity of lucky draw competitions in the UK has increased as it gives people a chance to win big and changes their lives. Since forever, we humans have dreamt of winning something that not only changes our lifestyle but our way of thinking also. Earlier, organizers held competitions in various events or shows, and winners had to show their presence at the time of prize distribution. Since then, lucky draw competition evolved, and today, online draws have taken place. Contestants can buy tickets and participate from the comfort of their homes. If they win, they will receive the prize either personally or through delivery on the address provided during ticket purchase.

Running a lucky draw competition also serves as a great promotional strategy that creates brand awareness. Such promotion generates a broad audience and establishes a following on multiple platforms. These contests work brilliantly in keeping the contestants engaged and generate leads for potential advertisings.

The most attractive aspect that compels people to participate in a lucky draw is the winning prize. Different organizers have different prizes for winners; some go for a cash prize while others go for goods. Some competition organizers may use both types of prizes for winners.

We have compiled a list of some best prizes that attract people to participate in a lucky draw competition.

• Cash Prize

The most common type of prize usually seen in a lucky draw is a cash prize. Organizers set cash levels based on the winning; for instance, they may set jackpot as the highest winning level with the highest cash prize. Following that there will be decreasing winning levels having a lower cash amount. Mostly lucky draw competitions in the UK prefer cash prizes as they can handle the transaction easily (wire transfers to winners bank account) or through cheques/drafts. No matter the form of transaction, cash remains the most widely used an attractive competition to win for contestants.

• Appliances

Besides cash, some contest winners put various household appliances for winners. Common appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, LED screens and others make the contestants participate to win. People need devices for their everyday needs and what better way to make them participate then to have them win what they need. Suppose there is a trending product on the market that has captured the attention of people—having that product, as a prize will increase the engagement level of any lucky draw competition.

• Gift Cards and Vouchers

Another common gifting item for lucky draw competition winners is gift cards and vouchers. Usually, all competitions put these as a prize for runner-ups and not let them feel left out of the game. These simple prizes make a participant feel valued and like a winner. Gift cards of various shopping stores or vouchers for restaurants and eateries will drive people toward a competition.

• Travel Tickets

Probably the most popular competition prize besides cash. Lucky draw competitions in the UK usually have travel tickets as the highest prize for winners that includes accommodation and various other expenses. Those who like to travel will feel their dream come true with such an award.

• Motorcycles and Cars

Usually, the most expensive and most attractive gift of all that attracts competition participants. Vehicles like motorbikes and cars always have a particular attraction for everyone that event organizers can use for their advantage. Organizers for lucky draw competitions put these prizes up for winners during an essential show or event mostly. Online competitions that have vehicles as prize create a much hype to attract audience and participants alike.

• Other Prizes

Based on the type of competition and participants, organizers consider various other items as prizes too. These include apparels, shoes, glasses, toys, discount coupons, spa day vouchers, free services, bags, books and many other items.

The key to running a successful lucky draw competition that draws attention depends on the prize. Participants need something worth their time and the money they have spent on a raffle. Relevancy to the audience is an aspect that makes a good prize, so you must focus on the right crowd. Run a contest that appeals to the needs or preferences of participants, so they take an interest in your competition.

With the list mentioned above and creativity of mind, you can hold a competition where everybody is a winner.

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