How to Run A Perfect Lucky Draw Competition?

lucky draw competition in the UK

Lucky draw competitions are a great way to involve your audience with your brand. Participating in lucky draw competition in the UK is a fairly common sight. People enjoy having a fun time while trying to win some prizes. However, hosting a lucky draw competition can be crucial and could go wrong with the smallest mistake. Having prior experience in organising events is necessary for a successful lucky draw campaign.

Steps To Run A Successful Lucky Draw Competition

Being an expert in running large-scaled lucky draw competitions in the UK, we come with the expertise and comprehensive experience in this field. Our experts work tirelessly to run everything smoothly. Here are a few pointers from them to guide you through your next big event:

Set Right Rewards

It plays a vital role in determining how many people you will attract your next competition. A common mistake done by brands is their “winner takes it all” structure. While you acknowledge the winner with expensive gift items, you are not left with much room for others. It is a smart move to set a budget that can offer gift options for anybody else.

Offering various grade rewards to the rest of the audience can help you build a lasting relationship with them. It also shows the fact that you care about them and will attract people more. The more opportunities, the more people will try to win it. Ideally speaking, at least 1 out of 100 participants should be winning something.

Right Marketing Strategies

The lack of advertising can be the root cause of the failure of your event. How come you expect people to buy tickets when they don’t even know about the on-going competition? Coming up with the right marketing strategy can get your word out to the right audience.

Your campaign needs to be marketed on a multi-platform level to attract as much audience as you can. Once connected, keep them updated regarding the latest info on the draw.

Latest Tools And Technology

Drawing for a large competition is enough to make some people nervous. With a scaled-up audience, gifts, and winners, it could be overwhelming. It is advisable to record a video of the winners being drawn. It will assure your customers that the winners are legit, and it was not a scam scheme. In order to help you with the whole process, there is plenty of software out there that can make things easy for you. By using or developing a customised tool for your organisation, you can easily implement the whole process.

Strict Rules And Regulations

Lucky draw competitions are not similar to the other promotion tactics and are ruled by the gambling laws. In some countries, the process itself could be an illegal activity. Knowing the laws of your state/country is essential to avoid any legal trouble in the future. Recording the process of the lucky draw will be solid proof in your defence if things went south.

Multi-Platform Communication With Your Winners

The real struggle starts when you announce the winner of the draw—collecting their ID proof, addresses, proof of purchase, etc. It all can be too much to handle. Every step should come with a validation check to ensure that every info is accurate. Keep in touch with your winner on multiple platforms so you can reach out to them or update them regarding their reward anytime. Don’t go overboard, however. Set a boundary and limit the contact to not appear as an intruder. Utilising phone calls, messages, WhatsApp, Facebook update, and other options can offer a positive experience for the winners.

Final Verdict

Have your high-class dreams come true with lucky draw competitions, a chance to win exciting prizes for yourself and people you love. People enjoy buying tickets and winning prices, and we love to give it to them. With our lucky draw competitions, you can now win exciting gift vouchers, cars, motorbike, kayak, watches, and whatnot. Participate in our games to win all your dream gifts and enjoy them with your loved ones. We offer prizes in the following categories: cash, cars, lifestyle, and technology.

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