How to Enter the Lucky Draw Competition

A lucky draw competition is a raffle of value (prize) carried out by distributing or selling tickets with numbers among several people and choosing one at random. Schools, colleges, and institutions often hold lucky draw competitions where they sell tickets to raise funds, whether for locative arrangements, provide seating, and obtain teaching materials.

Beat at Random

Holding a lucky draw competition implies that a group of people buy one or more tickets among a limited number (100, 1000 or more) with the possibility of winning.

It is a game of chance! A copy of the numbers that appear on the tickets (or the removable one) is introduced that guarantees that they are drawn randomly. Whoever has the same number as the one drawn from the lucky draw competition wins the lucky draw!

Possibility of Several Awards

Lucky draw competition includes several prizes of varying type and value, that go out to the winners in a sequence or randomly in some cases. This way, participants have a chance to win from a list of random prizes. But for the possibility of obtaining any of the possible prizes. This is the case of the prizes awarded on various dates of the year. In the end, the biggest prize is raffled, for example, a car, an apartment, a trip.

When to Hold a Lucky Draw Competition?

Many times, a lucky draw competition takes place at institutional events, also at local fairs and festivals, company parties, festivities and school celebrations, such as Family Day, Bazaars and carnivals, etc. It is important to publicize the dates of these celebrations among the community, in advance, so that they are prepared and aware of when they will take place.

Legal Aspects: Permits, Taxes

Before conducting a lucky draw competition, it is important to get advice from the local mayor’s office, which are the regulations that they have to comply with to organize the draw. If you owe taxes, you need to acquire permit to participate. If you do not do this, the institution could be doing something illegal.

Registration Cost and Prizes

Registrations should be cheap to motivate as much participation as possible. The prize will be determined only at the end of the registrations before starting the contests or tournaments. The prize must not exceed half of the total amount collected in the entries.

Surprise Prize Box

 It’s about buying tickets for surprise prizes: Buy the ballot and then take out something wrapped, a surprise. Ideally, the prizes are objects or cash prices.

Multiple lucky Draw Competition 

We recommend organizing multiple draws of different methodology. Each of the different draw formats will attract different types or groups of people.

Quick, Low-Cost Draws

A lucky draw competition that seeks maximum participation and motivates all to buy multiple opportunities.

Reverse draw

There is a reverse draw. Every time a number comes out, it is eliminated and does not play. The last ticket is the big winner.

Combined awards

There are variations in which people can buy a ticket back in the draw to re-enter or win smaller prizes along the way. For example, they draw 10 numbers that are eliminated, the eleven number to come out wins a small prize and so on until the end.

How to participate in Lucky Draw Competition 

At Lucky Draw Competition UK website, you will find free and online draws. To participate, you will only need an Internet connection and email accounts and social networks. In each draw, you can find detailed information about the prizes to be distributed. Also, details of the requirements to participate, expiration date, availability, accounts you need and more specific information that the creators may request. There is also a separate section dedicated on How to participate in the lucky draw competition. Follow the message, and you will be participating correctly.

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