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Have you been frustrated with filling out so many forms when buying lucky draw competition tickets in the UK? The reason behind filling the forms quickly is that the more lucky draws you enter, the more chance of winning you have. Entering in the competitions regularly increases your chances to win amazing prizes.

With a limited amount of time on our hands, filling out lucky draw entries in an optimised way can help you manage time. We have a few tips in our store to help you get a lucky draw competition ticket in the UK without any delays. Enter the lucky draws quickly to boost your chances of winning.


Autofill Programs

Typing each entry form individually is repetitive and can frustrate you easily. While you might have some other errands to run, you cannot always have enough time to fill each form with your personal details. Autofill programs like Roboform can help you save time and not stress over these small issues.

Any autofill program works in the exact same manner. Such programs store all your personal details and automatically fill the form fields for any given form. When filling out the same form so many times, there is a chance of having a typo, making you lose that ticket. With such programs, you diminish the chances of any error.


Close the Other Programs on Your Computer

Unlike humans, your computers cannot multitask that well. They have limited memory to run operations. If you are thinking about filling out multiple lottery entries simultaneously, you need to close all the other tabs and programs on your system.

Lucky draw websites will load quicker if your computer memory is available. Having unnecessary programs opened on your pc can slow it down. The fewer pages that are required to load, the more time you will have to enter the lucky draws and win amazing prizes.


Keep an Eye on Your Lucky Draw Competitions

To fill out the entry forms quickly, you need to do your homework and figure out which ones would you like to enter. You cannot waste time reading the details of a draw and water your precious time when you should be filling out entry forms.

Make a list of all the draws you are interested in and mention their dates as well. You can also look at the list of draws available on the internet. The website provides you info regarding the upcoming competitions and their prizes.


Open Multiple Entry Forms in Different Tabs

Rather than visiting each draw competition one by one, we recommend you to fire them up altogether. This way, each one of them can load at the same time, and you wouldn’t need to wait for them much longer. After opening different competitions in several tabs, start filling the ones that load quickly. By the time you are done with the fastest ones, the others would have loaded as well.

This strategy saves waiting time, giving you as little downtime as possible.


Avoid the Games

Most of the lucky draw websites let you play games like spinning wheel, scoring baskets, or memory test. How you perform in these games does not declare you a winner. So if you are at a website that displays a game, you should look for an escape. The more games you play, the less time you will have to fill the actual form. The escape link would have the “X” sign, or it might say something like “Click here to skip.”


Draws That Can Slow You Down

While some websites offer their best services to accommodate their users, the others may not. There are always a few luck draw competitions that will slow you down. They might load quite slowly or require you to fill page after page.

If you are losing a lot of time because of them, don’t think twice about cutting these websites off. You can always opt for new competitions that won’t drag you down much.


Final Words

Buying lucky draw competition tickets in the UK and winning amazing prizes can be a serious business to some people. Buying multiple lottery tickets can help you maximise your chance to win gifts and prizes. Go for a mixture of competitions with different prize values; this might increase your chance of winning gifts.

Win amazing prizes


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