Best Practices for Running a Successful Lucky Draw Competition

Luckydraw Competition

Sweepstakes are popular and classic consumer competitive games across the UK. Whether online or in classic style, lucky draws grab the attention of consumers and influence others to participate. To hold a successful competition, superior customer service is a necessary; things can go wrong if customers are alienated instead of being attracted. To avoid causing any inconvenience to or hurdles for the competition, here are a few pointers to keep in mind. You can consider them best practices for holding a successful lucky draw.

  • Planning

Planning is the first step of any activity, and a lucky draw competition in the UK is no different. Having a plan for every step of the competition is important to have an attractive yet influential prize-winning event. The best approach in this matter is to keep it simple and have a clear goal in mind. Plan your competition around that goal, for example, if your goal is to increase the number of entrants with each competition and increase ticket sales, having attractive prize and rewards for winners as well as runner-ups will entice more people to participate. Planning means abiding with the laws of the industry, and by determining the goals, you can decide on the type of lucky draw you want to hold.

  • Reward Selection

Let’s face it: people enter free prize drawings or a lucky draw competition to win a cash prize or some other reward. And, if the competition rewards multiple participants, it is sure to be successful. One of the biggest mistakes that competition holders make is to have a winner takes all model for their sweepstakes. It might sound better to give one reward just to the winner, but this leaves no room for anyone else to win anything.


The best practice for this point is to have various grades of rewards for at least 3-4 participants; one is the winner eligible for the best reward while others receive slightly lower levels of reward. A free prize drawing is attractive as long as the participants know they’ll receive something even if they don’t win. This practice goes a long way in building trust with the people and provides the participants a positive experience. Everybody is in it to win; your competition will be more successful if more people are winners.

  • Be Creative

Be creative and let your mind come up with prizes that will excite your participants and your targeted audience. Decide on a prize that’s desirable and memorable for potential leads or participants and urges them to enter your lucky draw competition in the UK. Your prize does not have to be in the millions, but it should be worth the effort of entering the competition, waiting, and sharing the word with their friends.


The best way to be creative is to narrow down the prize to common interests. Sure, you can have anything designated as a reward, but something useful for a participant will be undoubtedly more attractive. Offering a prize that generates enthusiasm will increase the number of participants and contest entries. You can boost engagement by giving away prizes at random or reward a person for the most referrals.

  • Abide By the Laws

A lucky draw competition, unlike other contests and competitions, has special regulations that bind them. Some laws require such competitions to stay within legal limits to avoid unnecessary actions. Stick to the law and avoid any illegal activity. Be open and clear to both the law-abiding agencies and participants that the competition held is legal and abides by regulations. State all the clauses before holding a competition like tax rules regarding rewards won, etc. Keeping to the law will ensure there is no hassle before, during, or after the competition.

  • Use Technology to Spread the Word

Nowadays you can reach more potential entrants by using the social media and technological innovations. Sweepstakes have come a long way from raffle tickets bought from shops and stores to participants directly entering online. Technological advancement has paved the way for multiple entrants to try their luck and win big prizes. Similarly, competition holders can reach a larger audience now, and hold multiple contests in a single day (with proper management). You can use multiple channels of communication to schedule the competitions as well as announce the winners for each. Besides, you can keep up communication with participants for any upcoming events or competitions in which they can participate. This will make participants feel valued, and ensure a positive response from.

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