Best Practices for a Successful Lucky Draw Competition

Lucky draw competition is a game in which participants win prizes by a random draw of numbers. The simplest lucky draw game consists of random numbers drawn from a container, and the winner receives the award with that number allotted. To compete in a lucky draw with a chance to win, a participant has to buy tickets with a random number and wait until the draw date. At the date of the competition, organizers draw a few random numbers. If the contestant’s number is similar to the one drawn, then he/she wins that prize. This is a typical structure of any lucky draw competition in the UK or elsewhere. Today, with social media and other online platforms, the game style has changed, but the principle remains the same.

Holding a Successful Lucky Draw

Lucky draws are one of the classic game show events that attract people even today. Holding a lucky draw competition is an exciting venture; however, much can go wrong in competition. Competitions can quickly become counterproductive if the goal is to alienate participants rather than attracting them. Providing a superior experience is the most crucial aspect to keep attracting competitors for future events.

Ensuring best practices for holding an event guarantees the successful running of a competition. These best practices include:

• Choosing the Right Rewards

Competitions enter a lucky draw competition to win a prize, and for that, choosing the right rewards is critical. One of the most prominent mistake organizers makes to utilize a winner-take-all structure where a single winner has all the benefits. While the sound of awarding an expensive prize to the winner seems right, it does not leave any room for anyone else. Setting various reward grades will provide more opportunities of winning and hence more engagement. This simple aspect of awarding everybody goes a long way in building trust among the participants and organizers with a positive experience.

• Advertise Smartly

Even the best-organized lucky draw competitions may not work due to a lack of advertising. If the audience you want to attract knows little about the time or date of completion, how would you expect them to participate? Smart promotion and advertisement is a critical aspect of a successful competition. Use multiple platforms and tools to promote competition and create anticipation. Advertise smartly and let the word out for participants to enter.

• Use Technology

Today, technology has changed the paradigm of almost everything in our lives. The same notion goes out for successful lucky draw competitions by using various technological innovations for benefit. Today people have smartphones with which organisers can reach their targeted audience. Similarly, using multiple social media platforms and other technologies will have the entrants compete from their homes’ comfort. You can use open source or customized lucky draw apps to make the competition as transparent as possible. You can simplify the actual process of the game by deploying newer technologies.

• Follow the Law

To hold a successful lucky draw competition, make sure that you adhere to every law and regulation for such events. In some states, lucky draw serves as an illegal activity while some others have strict rules for the holding and distribution of prizes with tax laws. Following state legislation is a requirement to hold the event without any hassle or penalty. Utilising technology is proof that organisers adhere to privacy rules and other regulations laid down for auditing purposes.

• Communicate With Winners Using Multiple Platforms

An essential work in any lucky draw competition starts with the distribution of prizes. Organisers will need multiple documents for proof as ID, address, license, etc. to ensure the winner’s physical presence. Winners will also go through various steps of verification. All these steps require organisers to stay in communication with the winners and let them know the status of their reward. Using platforms like SMS, phone calls, and couriers will ensure that the prize logistics commences and everybody has a positive experience.

Final Word

Holding a lucky draw competition can quickly become challenging if organisers do not take the necessary steps. Following the best practices will enable you to maintain a hassle-free event with winning chances for everybody. Take all the estate laws and regulations in focus to ensure that your competition has everything according to rules.

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